Spring 2019 Survey

We need your help!

In an effort to better serve the Bryan Park community and bring neighbors together, the BPNA is inviting residents to give their feedback on a quick, simple, confidential survey about neighborhood meetings and future community events.

We’d love to have you attend more neighborhood meetings and join us at community events, and by completing our spring survey, you can help make our meetings and events more accessible, convenient, and fun!

Click here to take the Spring 2019 survey.

Some of the questions on the survey include:

  • Accessibility: Best place for meetings? Need childcare? Need assistance?
  • Convenience: Weeknights or weekends? Early or late?
  • Community: Neighborhood improvements? Sports? Gardening? Picnics? Yard sales? Socials? Music?

Next Meeting

May 30, 7:00 p.m.
Free Methodist Church
Corner of Grimes and Lincoln

We hope to see you there and discuss the survey results. BPNA has exciting things in store for 2019, and our community starts with you!

Stay in the Loop

Learn more about the Bryan Park Google Group where you can connect with your neighbors and stay up to date with things that are happening in the neighborhood.